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My Time

My Time

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✿  Details:
• 3"
• Hard Enamel
• Gold Plating
• Screen printing details
• 2 Pink heart rubber clasps
• Back stamp
• Glitter

    Grading (A - B - C)

    Enamel Pins

     All enamel pins are made by hand and individually filled and polished by workers, therefore some of them can have imperfections. The more defects a pin may show, the cheaper it will be.


    A Grades

    These pins are almost perfect and I say almost because they are handmade and there is no such thing as a perfect pin, but they are the best of the batch.

    Small scratches or scuffs on the metal or enamel, barely noticeable.  

    Minor imperfections in metal plating, barely noticeable.

    Slightly noticeable specks/dot or darkened specks in glitter areas on pins with glitter, this is expected variation in glitter pins.

    Faint/light and small dot or small smudge on enamel, barely noticeable


    B Grades

    These pins come with little flaws. 

    Superficial bubbles/speckles/pores on enamel

    Slightly underfill, overfill, or uneven fill of enamel that only noticeable at a certain angle/lighting

    Scruffs on the side or back of pin (NOT the front)

    Slightly misaligned screenprinting


    C Grades

    These pins come with more noticeable flaws than A and B, and will be sold at a discount. They may contain at least one or more of the following:

    Intermediate and noticeable black dot, small smudge, or bubble on enamel

    Some area of missing plating and/or deep scratches on the metal across the pin

    More noticeable underfill, overfill, or uneven fill of enamel

    Very misaligned or missing screenprinting in pins that have screenprint



    These pins come with major flaws that I rather give them a home than simply tossing them away. They are sold at a large discount. 

    Noticeable holes

    Large black dot, small smudge, or bubble on enamel. Pin may appear dirty/dusty 

    Large area of missing plating and/or deep scratches on the metal across the pin

    Significant underfill, overfill, or uneven fill of enamel. The pin may appear to be soft enamel and not hard enamel

    Incorrect enamel color in larger area of the design

    Any other imperfections that may alter the actual design a little



    A Grades

     Perfect plushies!


    B and C grades


    Shipping & Returns

    ❀  Enamel Pins  ❀ Keychains  ❀ Washi Tapes ❀ Sticky Notes

    Destination Enamel Pins Washi Tapes Keychains Sticky Notes

    Starting at $3.75 

    Starting at $3.75 
    Starting at $3.75 
    Starting at $3.75 
    Canada $13.00 $13.00 $13.00 $13.00
    Rest of the World $14.50 $14.50 $14.50 $14.50

    ❀  Plushies 

    Destination 1  3 to 6 
    USA $9.00 - $13.00 $12.00 - 18.00 $18.00 - $35.00

    $17.00 - $21.00 

    $31.00 $34.00
    Rest of the World $25.00 $40.00


    Plush Keychain

    Destination 4 to 6 
    USA $5.50 $10.00 - $10.50 $10.50 - $14.00
    $12.00 - $19.00
    Canada $13.00 $16.00 $21.00 $21.00
    Rest of the World $14.50 $17.00 $25.00 $25.00

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        Transit Time Explanations
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        If you have a family member or friend who lives outside of the country, you may consider having them forward the package for you. Alternatively, you may look into package forwarding services, located in the United States or GOs. 

        Plushies Care Instructions

        ❀Directions for cleaning your plushie❀

        Hello there! If you're looking to clean your plushie, here's a quick guide.

        1. Fill a bucket or sink with enough cold water to submerge the plushie. 

        2. Add a small amount of mild or gentle detergent to the water. 

        3. Hand wash the plushie, making sure to rinse it thoroughly afterwards. To dry, simply air dry the toy.


        ❀ How to fluff your plushies up! 

        If your plushie is feeling a little flat, here's a quick fix.

        1. Massage Your Plushie

        To fluff up your plushies, simply work your hands into them as if you're squishing and massaging the plushie. This will help break up the filling and allow it to redistribute evenly inside your plushie, giving it more height, loft, and a fluffier feel overall. 

        2. Fluff Your Plushie In The Dryer

        After working your hands into your plushie to break up the filling and redistribute it evenly, toss it in the dryer for 20 to 30 minutes. It may not require a full cycle to achieve the desired fluffiness.

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        Customer Reviews

        Based on 56 reviews
        Beautiful pins of my biases JK and Suga

        Love how beautiful these pins are.

        Selena Ganguly

        This pin has exceeded my expectations. I was surprised it was a Grade B pin, it's almost a flawless pin. This is one of the best designs of "My Time" that captures JK's aura during his performance.

        Pamela Collins
        Pin addiction

        I love this shop and have purchased several pins. You will love the quality and beautiful designs.

        Anna Barcenas
        Gorgeous pin

        By far the best pin I own! Everyone loves it!! Super fast shipping🤍 I would recommend this pin

        Laura Aguilar

        My Time