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Winter Bear Plush Keychain

Winter Bear Plush Keychain

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✿ Details: 

• 6.70” x 5.50” x 3.5”
• Soft Fabric
• Embroidered details
• PP Cotton


 All enamel pins are made by hand and individually filled and polished by workers, therefore some of them can have imperfections. The more defects a pin may show, the cheaper it will be.


A Grades

These pins are almost perfect and I say almost because they are handmade and there is no such thing as a perfect pin, but they are the best of the batch.

Small scratches or scuffs on the metal or enamel, barely noticeable.  

Minor imperfections in metal plating, barely noticeable.

Slightly noticeable specks/dot or darkened specks in glitter areas on pins with glitter, this is expected variation in glitter pins.

Faint/light and small dot or small smudge on enamel, barely noticeable


B Grades

These pins come with little flaws. 

Superficial bubbles/speckles/pores on enamel

Slightly underfill, overfill, or uneven fill of enamel that only noticeable at a certain angle/lighting

Scruffs on the side or back of pin (NOT the front)

Slightly misaligned screenprinting


C Grades

These pins come with more noticeable flaws than A and B, and will be sold at a discount. They may contain at least one or more of the following:

Intermediate and noticeable black dot, small smudge, or bubble on enamel

Some area of missing plating and/or deep scratches on the metal across the pin

More noticeable underfill, overfill, or uneven fill of enamel

Very misaligned or missing screenprinting in pins that have screenprint



These pins come with major flaws that I rather give them a home than simply tossing them away. They are sold at a large discount. 

Noticeable holes

Large black dot, small smudge, or bubble on enamel. Pin may appear dirty/dusty 

Large area of missing plating and/or deep scratches on the metal across the pin

Significant underfill, overfill, or uneven fill of enamel. The pin may appear to be soft enamel and not hard enamel

Incorrect enamel color in larger area of the design

Any other imperfections that may alter the actual design a little



 ✿ Pre-orders are orders placed in advance of an item(s) being produced. Therefore,it can take anywhere from 2-4 monthsfor the plushies to be made. Since pre-orders help to fund the initial manufacturing cost of the plushie(s), the funds will go straight to a manufacturer. Purchasing a pre-order slot is non-refundable after 48 hours.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 30 reviews
Cutest plushie keychain out there

Bought the winter bear plushie keychain
It is one of the cutest items I own. Loved it. It is a little big to be a keychain but I will use it as a bag plushie and hang it on my bags. Quality is top notch. The design represents Taehyung perfectly. Kudos to Daniela for drawing Taehyung and all the other boys so well. In fact love all her pins and stickers.

Winter Bear Plush Keychain

Loved it. The material and the craftsmanship is of great quality. Will definitely do future business with you.

I love it!!

I love my Winter Bear, he is so adorable and thank you so much for the extras in my package. All I need now is a Kookie one!


Absolutely love the keychain! So cute and packaged with care. Love the freebie washi tape as well! I love every item that I have purchased from this seller from the pins to the plushies. Looking forward to your next creations!

Christian Pena
Absolutely in love

I absolutely loved it… I was so excited that I couldn’t wait to get out of work to run to the mailbox and get it… I’m totally in love I can’t wait for my other products to get here… I love all your work keeps on doing it…

Ps.. I have the agust D plush can’t wait for my Jimin, Tae and kookie plushi to arrive.. and hope you make Hobi, Jin and Joonie soon